Reflections on Melville’s short story, “Bartleby, the Scrivener.”

Slate: I liked how this version had helpful insight on the “moods” and “bodily functions” as to what was going on with the characters. I did find some of the annotations too long and my mind would trail on to something else. As a whole, I thought these annotations made the text richer in understanding the character’s personalities and to what their purpose in the story was. After reading these annotations, I will be more mindful of how humans may be responding chemically to their environment, which may be helpful with my revisions of the Diaz poem.

Genius: Why so many? These annotations seemed to draw attention more on the political and historical aspects of the story, and went in to WAY too much detail on “capitalism” and the importance of “business”, which I could use a nap after . The use of pictures/videos helped to give a comical flare, but other than that, seemed unnecessary.